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[oaw-wg] M2 Planning for Xpand and MWE

Hi all,

I'ld like to schedule the M2 planning meeting for Xpand and MWE next week.

Monday, August 17th at 9:00 p.m. CEST via Skype.

Sorry that it's a bit short-dated. I'll create a google calendar for subsequent meetings.
In that meeting we go through bugzillas and priorize them for M2. This is also an opportunity to discuss other technical things.
It is intended to be a technical planning meeting and not meant as a replacement for the regular oAW telephone conference.

My skype account is 'svenefftinge'. Please contact me just before the meeting in order to join.
It might be a good idea to scan, update or add bugzillas in advance in order to make the meeting more efficiently.


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