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[mpc-dev] Status update

Hi list,

here comes another update of what's going on inside MPC.

* Changes to the catalog representation are merged. This means that the first wizard page of the MPC is gone and got replaced by an integrated solution that always shows all marketplaces underneath the solutions listing.
See bug 336157 for details.

* Builds are running fine. Builds are run for every push to the git repository now. In addition, the mpc-release job now populates the p2 repositories automatically (Thanks Steffen).

* Share a solution - from within the MPC, you now have the chance to share your solutions with friends and collegues in an easy fashion. Just click the "Share" link and you can decide to share the name, description and link to the solution via E-Mail or Twitter. See bug 336160 for details.

* Instead of hardcoding catalog urls and names with extensions in MPC and EPP, we are now on the way to retrieve them from the server. In addition to this, you can now provide your own branding information to customize the appearance of the wizard in case your catalog is selected. Branding options include wizard image, wizard title, enablement and label of the different tabs. See bug 328605 and bug 336159 for details.

That's all for now. We're now in final preparation for the M6 contribution.


Benjamin Muskalla
Tasktop Technologies

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