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[mpc-dev] Weekly status

Hi list,

another quick status update of what's going on inside of MPC.

* Users are now able to drag and drop MPC installation links into their Eclipse instance. This provides an easy workflow for the existing marketplaces and for solution vendors.
A solution vendor, for example, can provide a link to easily install their solution via the Marketplace client, without the need to select and right marketplace and search for it.
See and [1][2] for details about these stories.

* Another highlight of this week is, that MPC now runs again on 3.7 and 4.1. Due to some refactorings in p2, MPC got into a broken state. With [3], this is now fixed.

* Also thanks to Steffen Pingel who created a new build based on Maven Tycho that is now running on the build servers:

These builds run daily in order to ensure that nothing breaks the functionality of MPC.

* There is also a first draft for integrating the catalogs within the MPC wizard page. This means, we get rid of the first wizard page to select catalogs and have them integrated just below the list of solutions.

* Nathan has finished the initial version of API to retrieve catalog descriptions from the server. This means that it is no longer needed to package the catalog extensions with the EPP packages, but rather retrieve the catalog descriptions from a central point. See [4] for details.

* In addition, it would be great to get some feedback for me and Nathan about the new branding capabilities of MPC [5]. The idea is, that catalogs are able to brand the MPC in some ways (tab titles, tab visibility, wizard header). We took a first stab at this and eagerly waiting for feedback. In the meantime, I'll work on integrating these capabilities into the Marketplace Client.

That's all for now,


Benjamin Muskalla
Tasktop Technologies

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