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[mpc-dev] MPC M6 / EclipseCon status

Hi list,

here is some more stuff what was going on before, for and after M6 and EclipseCon.

* catalog informations (location and branding) is now retrieved from the server. In order to provide or change your catalog information there, please stay in touch with Ian. We're also currenlty working on documentation on what's possible and how you can change the branding of the MPC.

* As mentioned above, branding is now also part of marketplaces. Essentialy, this helps you to provide some branding options for the MPC wizard like the wizard banner image, or the enablement and label of the tabs (eg. your marketplace has no featured categorie)

For M6, we actually implemented all the features we had in mind for MPC. For M7, we'll concentrate on bug fixing and consolidation - so grab the newest build and try it out! (see [1])

[1] - Downloads section, use Indigo site


Benjamin Muskalla
Tasktop Technologies

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