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[mosquitto-dev] Should we move the Mosquitto repositories to GitHub?

Dear all,

The Paho project has recently blazed a trail moving its repositories
from being hosted on Eclipse Foundation infrastructure to hosted on
github. The process seems to have gone very well.

I'm considering the same move for the mosquitto project. This would
mean that the project repositories would be hosted on github, which
would mean contributions could take the form of github pull requests
rather than a patch on bugzilla or a submission to gerrit.

In conjunction with that, I'd also like to move the bug tracker from
Eclipse bugzilla to using github issues. The two changes combined
should make contributing to the project much more accessible (although
the Eclipse contribution requirements will still need to be met of

The process to be followed is documented at this link:

If you take a peek there, the first step is "talk to your community.
Explain why and when the change will happen."

So I'm asking you, the community, for your opinion on this proposal.
Is it a good idea?



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