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[mosquitto-dev] mosquitto configuration only for subcribers

acens - the hosting company


I do not know if this is where I do this kind of question..

Im developing an Android app using mosquitto and Paho Android Service.

I would like to set mosquitto so that from the android application , users can only subscribe and receive their own notifications by topics and from our inner panel of the company can both, subscribe and publish.

I read the documentation but I have not found a way to do this.

I want to avoid that by reverse engineering to see passwords stored in the source code of the application Android.

Greetings and thank you.


P.D Sorry I feel so bad speak English.


Pablo Aznárez Rodríguez
Departamento Técnico
acens Technologies S.L.

Teléfono: 91 6235 631
Fax: 91 1418 510

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