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Re: [mosquitto-dev] client authorization in mosquitto broker

Hi Wahid,

I'm not entirely sure I follow your terminology, by "server" do you mean the mosquitto broker, or a client that is publishing to the broker?



On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 7:52 AM, Abdul Wahid <abdulwahidw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My requirement is that there will be one server who publishes the topicsĀ  and many clients who subscribe to those topics. These clients will receive the topics published to which they have subscribed. Now I would like to authorize the client and authenticate the topics by those clients. For this purpose I am setting the "acl_file" and "use_identity_as_username true" in the configuration so that the CN name in cert is used as username. When I do this I am simply able to transfer messages that are subscribed and published using the same EE certificate.
For example,
Server A publishes, only Client A receives the message based on acl.
Server B publishes, only Client B receives the message based on acl.

Is it possible to have something like this, where a single server publishes the message to subscribed clients and clients should get those messages based on topic authentication in acl.

Server A publishes, Client A receives the message based on acl
Server A publishes, Client B receives the message based on acl.


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