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[mosquitto-dev] Mosquitto Broker 1.4 Visual Studio Compiling - HowTo

Dear All,


                I’m software developer and I’m working basically on Windows platform. I’m successfully using Mosquitto Borker 1.4 with my applications but I have to develop new web based applications and I have to connect old applications to new ones. I see that latest versions of Mosquitto can handle web sockets but I also understand that I should recompile it to enable websockects feature.

I’m using Mosquitto as windows service.

I’m trying to compile Mosquitto project under VS2013 but I get some errors:

-          “Ptherads.h” No such file or directory

-          “libwebsockets.h” No such file or directory.

I’m actually using CMake to create a .SLN file.


Please can you help me on competing this task.


Thank you so much for the support.


Kind regards,


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