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Re: [mosquitto-dev] [paho-dev] Java MQTT broker

Defining bridging protocols and provide some MQTT networks monitoring
and management tools is great idea!


On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 11:10 AM, Paul Fremantle
<paul.fremantle@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There is some early support for TLS-SRP in bouncycastle which is one of most
> used open source implementations in Java.
> Paul
> On 23 January 2014 23:34, Ian Craggs <icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Hi Roger,
>> On 23/01/14 22:03, Roger Light wrote:
>>> Hi Ian,
>>>> The goal of RSMB, and I
>>>> believe Mosquitto (Roger, correct me if I'm wrong) is to be smaller
>>>> rather
>>>> than faster.  (If it can be both small and fast, so much the better!)
>>> This is basically correct and I think a good focus for the project. I
>>> do take a subtly different approach with Mosquitto which is to not shy
>>> away from adding features, but to make sure that they can be removed
>>> at compile time to ensure it is always possible to create a lean
>>> executable.
>> Your approach is perfect from my point of view.
>>>> In any case, I'm in favour of Andrea contributing Moquette.
>>>  From what Andrea says we are aligned in our goals, so I agree.
>>> How close do we want interoperability/equivalency of the
>>> Mosquitto/Moquette to extend? A few examples - I provide support for
>>> TLS-PSK and will support TLS-SRP in the future. Neither of these are
>>> particularly widely used but are definitely useful. I'm not sure if
>>> they are easily available in the Java libraries, so should Moquette
>>> strive to provide support as well? Should they have a common config
>>> file format? I have been talking for a while now about moving away
>>> from the current flat file format to a lua based config file, and then
>>> extending to allow lua plugins in the future. There are also some
>>> options which may be more C oriented (the auth plugins for example)
>>> that wouldn't make sense in the Java context.
>>> My feeling is that neither of these points should be a sticking point.
>>> I'd be interested to hear your thoughts around the area.
>> My thoughts are ...  I would advocate compatibility where it helps the
>> different brokers collaborate in MQTT networks.  Where the function does not
>> affect collaboration, by all means use the best available for that platform,
>> or experiment.
>> For example, supporting different flavours of TLS is great.  As long as
>> both allow TLS clients to connect at some common level it's fine.  As long
>> as we can bridge from one broker to another with a TLS connection of some
>> kind, it's fine.
>> Where I would suggest compatibility:
>> - bridging protocols (including where brokers might exchange useful system
>> information)
>> - a significant proportion of monitoring topics (because you could monitor
>> whole networks of brokers easily)
>> - the format of system error/log messages, alerts and events (again
>> because you could monitor whole networks)
>> - remote admin method (so you could administer whole networks of brokers)
>> Where it might not matter:
>> - initial configuration (but what if you wanted to deploy networks of
>> brokers?)
>> - plugin interfaces (like security).  If the plugins have to be written in
>> C for Mosquitto and Java for Moquette for instance, it doesn't really matter
>> if the interfaces are different, and following the standard for the platform
>> could make more sense.  If you could use the same language for both, the
>> balance could swing.
>> Ian
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