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Re: [mosquitto-dev] [paho-dev] Java MQTT broker

Hi Ian,

> The goal of RSMB, and I
> believe Mosquitto (Roger, correct me if I'm wrong) is to be smaller rather
> than faster.  (If it can be both small and fast, so much the better!)

This is basically correct and I think a good focus for the project. I
do take a subtly different approach with Mosquitto which is to not shy
away from adding features, but to make sure that they can be removed
at compile time to ensure it is always possible to create a lean

> In any case, I'm in favour of Andrea contributing Moquette.

>From what Andrea says we are aligned in our goals, so I agree.

How close do we want interoperability/equivalency of the
Mosquitto/Moquette to extend? A few examples - I provide support for
TLS-PSK and will support TLS-SRP in the future. Neither of these are
particularly widely used but are definitely useful. I'm not sure if
they are easily available in the Java libraries, so should Moquette
strive to provide support as well? Should they have a common config
file format? I have been talking for a while now about moving away
from the current flat file format to a lua based config file, and then
extending to allow lua plugins in the future. There are also some
options which may be more C oriented (the auth plugins for example)
that wouldn't make sense in the Java context.

My feeling is that neither of these points should be a sticking point.
I'd be interested to hear your thoughts around the area.



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