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Re: [modeling-pmc] feedback on GMT web site

Modeling PMC People,
Now that I'm late to the party (to this discussion) and the discussion has sort of slowed down, let me add my two cents and see if I can further confuse or inflame the discussion :-)  No, seriously, here's my suggestion about what the Modeling PMC and projects should do:
  1. Make sure that the modeling sub-projects and components (as with all Eclipse projects, but you guys are only concerned about the modeling ones) have clearly labeled themselves as Eclipse projects and not corporate projects and that there is no confusion between what is the Eclipse open source and what is the commercial. This needs special care in cases where the commercial product and the Eclipse project share a name, for example, Eclipse BIRT versus Actutate BIRT.
    I suggest that the PMC take the time to look at all the modeling sub-project and component pages and see if there are any that need changing to make the distinction clear.
  2. Until the Eclipse Foundation comes out with a overriding rule on corporate (including academic) and personal recognition on project pages, define a modeling PMC-wide rule for this. My personal opinion is that projects should be allowed to list and link to their sponsors (personal and corporate) and partners as long as rule 1 above is followed.  Following rule 1 will necessarily restrict the corporate logos to smaller and less prominent positions on the page.
  3. To the extent that rules 1 and 2 can be followed, avoid inflicting change on the projects (until the Eclipse Foundation comes out with some overriding rule). In other words, I agree with Markus.
Anyway, that's my two cents,

Markus Voelter wrote:
right: I think the existing practice is working well
and there's no reason to change. That was what I tried
to express.

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