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[] EMF 2.3.0M7 declared (with new features!)

To those who've been watching, it's _finally_* done. EMF now contains smaller features which can be installed via UM to compose whatever combination you want. One possible scenario is explained here:

This is your opportunity to try it out and let us know any issues you might have w/ migration & adoption.

Also, this has been dropped to Europa so after the next Bjorn-o-matic, you'll be able to grab it from the Europa site in addition to the usual [1] places [2].

Please don't hesitate to speak up in bug 106804. As we hear your migration pains (if any!), I'll use that to draft a wiki doc explaining what's different, why, and how to roll with the changes.

Thanks, everyone, and happy EMF'ing.



* I say _finally_ because Marcelo and I have been fighting the good fight solidly from Tuesday until this morning to contain this change in time for the M7 + 1 deadline.


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