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[] M7 Update


I've just updated the MDT 1.0 plan ( as best I could based on our recent M7 milestone. All feature work for MDT 1.0 should now be complete. From now until the release late in June, we will be following the ramp down policy described at This means that any remaining bugs you plan to fix this release (other than documentation-related bugs) must be approved by the Modeling PMC.

Component leads, please take time to ensure that your features and bugs are up to date in Bugzilla (quite a few unresolved items are still targeted for M4, M5, or M6) and to update the 'New & Noteworthy' section of the wiki ( Also, please note that our next milestone, RC1 is this Friday (May 25).

Finally, thanks to those of you who have sent me your release review slides. If you have not yet sent me your slides (you know who you are), please send them to me ASAP so that I can merge them into a single presentation for MDT!


Kenn Hussey

Senior Software Developer
Rational Software, IBM Software Group

770 Palladium Drive
Kanata, Ontario, K2V 1C8

T: (613) 599-3980  F: (613) 599-3912

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