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[] Complete OCL validation at M1 and M2

Hi Kenn

I'm trying to make Complete OCL validation work interactively.

User has Ecore/UML/... meta-model
User has Complete OCL complement to that meta-model
User has instance of that meta-model
User validates and the Complete OCL invariants are executed

Problem has always been that validation does not know that Complete OCL exists so it is ignored and useless.

Solution: provide a Load Complete OCL Menu Action to enhance the model and/or ResourceSet and/or EValidatorRegistry.

This can be applied at M1 or M2, so if a Complete OCL document is loaded into an Ecore editor, the additional constraints can enforce arbitrary style constraints such as "interface-name must start with I".

So if Complete OCL can augment the UML Model Editor externally at M2, shouldn't Stereotypes also provide OCL that works internally at M2? I see Papyrus traffic that seems to be wanting this.

Since MDT/UML2 has no dependencies on MDT/OCL this capability is not directly supported by MDT/UML2, but is there some form of delegate already in place that MDT/OCL should be exploiting or is something new required?


		Ed Willink

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