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[] UML 2.4 plans


Are there any detailed plans for what will be in UML2 4.0.0 (the official project plan seems to be all boilerplate)?

The 4.0.0M2 release shows some interesting UML 2.4 progress, but hits MDT/OCL.

Some problems whereby MDT/OCL extends the MDT/UML2 meta-model are unavoidable, but others are less obvious.

In particular JUnit tests fail until

the UML URI is changed to 4.0.0 in test models; is a migration capability planned or have we got our declarations wrong?

the UML package name is changed from "uml" to "UML"; probably a necessary UML-alignment change

PrimitiveTypes package names are sorted out; probably a necessary UML-alignment change


        Ed Willink

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