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Re: [] Complete OCL validation at M1 and M2


Where are the Complete OCL invariants being defined? It seems that that would be the right place to ensure that Complete OCL is loaded (e.g., by adding a dependency). Or, if functionality like this is desirable in Papyrus, perhaps it makes sense to ensure that it's loaded there...


On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 2:15 AM, Ed Willink <ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Kenn

I'm trying to make Complete OCL validation work interactively.

User has Ecore/UML/... meta-model
User has Complete OCL complement to that meta-model
User has instance of that meta-model
User validates and the Complete OCL invariants are executed

Problem has always been that validation does not know that Complete OCL exists so it is ignored and useless.

Solution: provide a Load Complete OCL Menu Action to enhance the model and/or ResourceSet and/or EValidatorRegistry.

This can be applied at M1 or M2, so if a Complete OCL document is loaded into an Ecore editor, the additional constraints can enforce arbitrary style constraints such as "interface-name must start with I".

So if Complete OCL can augment the UML Model Editor externally at M2, shouldn't Stereotypes also provide OCL that works internally at M2? I see Papyrus traffic that seems to be wanting this.

Since MDT/UML2 has no dependencies on MDT/OCL this capability is not directly supported by MDT/UML2, but is there some form of delegate already in place that MDT/OCL should be exploiting or is something new required?


               Ed Willink

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