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Re: [] Suggestion: making the Papyrus Wiki more active and helpful

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your feedbacks,

Now we add information about the tool directly inside plugins not on the wiki to avoid duplication and lack of synchronization about the documentation.


Our news are inside Current task section. This page is editing every first Monday of each month during a meeting with all contributors of papyrus.


We focus on the stabilization of papyrus: improve means of customization, performance, make it less monolithic …

Papyrus will have several minor versions (maybe 3 or 4).  We prepare a Version 5, where the list of protential breackable API are already listed (seebugzilla with target milestone 5.0 ( )  



I agree with you to add information about example and list interesting information from the forum or mailing list.


Nevertheless I have no receive notification about your small edits. I understand your frustration. I propose that you send this modifications or the link to this modification directly on this mailing list or you can contact me Patrick.Tessier@xxxxxx or inside bugzilla.


I will propose this topic for the next Monday developer meeting to make this page more attractive and useful.

If you want to add new proposition to structure the wiki, you are welcomed.


Happy new year ;D!



De : [] De la part de zhang xun
Envoyé : mercredi 9 janvier 2019 10:14
À :
Objet : [] Suggestion: making the Papyrus Wiki more active and helpful


Hi folks,


Papyrus Wiki currently seems much less active with less information (especially for beginners). However, the Wiki is a more ideal and handy place for posting visual pictures and comprehensive, well-organized essays than the forum and the mailing list.


Months ago, I tried some small edits and then left, waited for several days (maybe a week), since I was not sure when they would be approved.


I'd like to post some writings about the useability defects or issues of current Papyrus releases next time.


If the approval cycle time can be more transparent and reduced significantly (within one day?), more edits, contributions, and communications from the community can be expected on the Wiki.


Thanks and happy new year!



Charlie Zhang

Shanghai, China


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