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Re: [] [PROVENANCE INTERNET] Filters > ShowAllrelatedLinks vs Navigate>Restore Related Elements


      ShowAllrelatedLinks has been developed from Restore Related Elements to be more generic and to be used on all diagrams.

To my mind, Restore Related Elements must be removed and ShowAllrelatedLinks must be adapted to diagrams which don’t yet use it.




Vincent Lorenzo


De : [] De la part de MAGGI Benoit
Envoyé : lundi 25 septembre 2017 14:16
À : Papyrus Project list <>
Objet : [PROVENANCE INTERNET] [] Filters > ShowAllrelatedLinks vs Navigate>Restore Related Elements




What is the difference (is there any?) between “Filters > ShowAllrelatedLinks” and “Navigate >Restore Related Elements”.


When right clicking on a class in a class diagram, we have these 2 options.

I played a little with both and always got similar results.



-          Some of the code seems to be copy/pasted between both (see AbstractShowHideRelatedLinkEditPolicy vs RestoreRelatedLinksCommand)

-          A ->B, using both function on A

o   B hided : won’t display B nor the generalization

o   B showed: will display the generalization

-          Navigate >Restore Related Elements only present in Class and Activity diagrams

-          Filters > ShowAllrelatedLinks only present in Class, Composite, Profile and statemachine diagrams



- “Navigate >Restore Related Elements” should be removed (or at least moved in the same menu as other show/hide)

- “Filters > ShowAllrelatedLinks” should be propagate to all diagrams

- ShowAllrelatedLinks should also propose an option do add the second end of the link if not present in diagram


Does someone has the “historic reasons” for  both functions?  




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