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[] Nightly build repos for Papyrus


I was about the test the fix for bug 516717 and updated my installations of Papyrus for both the Photon and the Oxygen tracks (the bug should be fixed on both tracks). But when checking the contents of the p2 nightly repos 

they seem to "lag behind" compared to the latest builds on Hudson

Apart from that they seem to have *identical* versions of plugins, which gives me a feeling that either one of the nightly repos for Photon or Oxygen is a copy of the other (some mis-configuration of the copying maybe?)

I have already from before been rather puzzled when trying to test some of the sequence diagram related bugs that were supposed to be fixed on the Photon track, but I could not really see much improvement. If there is a lag, and also incorrect contents in the p2 repos, that might then explain why I really could not see any improvements in the sequence diagram behavior based on the bugs and Gerrit changes that were supposed to be merged.

So the questions are:

* How often are the nightly repos on really updated? If they are lagging behind the latest builds on Hudson, then we have a huge step backwards compared to before when you update your installation directly after the Hudson build was finished.

* Are the correct contents really copied into the Photon or Oxygen nightly repos on

* Do I have to revert to pulling the latest build directly from Hudson to really be able to test a fix as soon as the Hudson build is finished in case the copying to have some delay, e.g. if it is done only once per day?

/Peter Cigéhn

PS. Another step backward, at least for me, is that is extremely slower than downloading directly from Hudson as it was done before. Earlier I could update my installation for nightly builds of Papyrus in just a few minutes. Now it can take up to 10-20 times longer which has become a real pain. The download speed for is around 10-15 kB/s which is really slow compared to what you got from before downloading directly from Hudson. Not sure though if that is only happening to me. DS.

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