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[] Architecture Framework conversion



We want to use a « duplicated » representationkind of Activity diagram in SysML

(more information here [1])


The goal is also to keep a working diagram in both context.

So palette (for example) should be present in UML and SysML 1.4 (after the context switch)



-        the way to go seems to be conversion command (cd doc [2]) but it’s unidirectional

o   So I can provide the UML->SysML 1.4 conversion

o   Is there a way to provide the way back (without changing code in Papyrus core)?

§  (One solution seems to code the conversion in UML Architecture but this won’t be available in an “external” DSML)

-        Is there an example of IModelConversionCommand ?





1 :

2 : a conversion command (converts a model to this framework),



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