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[] Default GMF Advices & Architectures

Hi all,

I've had some trouble with the default GMF Advices, especially NotationViewDependentsAdvice. It seems that this advice is not bound via the element types model, but still using the plugin.xml (e.g. in oep.infra.service.types for UML, and oep.uml.architecture for Profiles).

Is there a reason for this? Does the Element Types or Architecture model support binding advices to the entire client context, or do we explicitly have to attach them to a specific element type? (If this is not supported, then I suppose that's the reason why we still rely on plugin.xml for these advices)

Anyway, I could make it work, using the plugin.xml way, but I'd still be interested to know if there's a better way :)

Camille Letavernier

Senior Software Engineer
EclipseSource Paris

Email: cletavernier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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