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Re: [] EMF transaction for inserting a new Element in a diagram

Hi, Alexandre,

Questions like this will find a wider audience (both to answer and to benefit from the discussion) of the newsgroup/forum.

Many (most?) such editing actions in Papyrus don't execute RecordingCommands on the CommandStack but AbstractEMFOperations on the IOperationHistory. They can be added to context menus using the org.eclipse.ui.menus extension point, together with command handlers.  For an example, you might look at how the Add Child menu is implemented in the Model Explorer.



On 2013-04-17, at 9:33, Alexandre HERISSE <alexandre.herisse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

First, thanks a lot for your previous answers concerning how to get a "Comment" instance from the active editor. This works as expected.

My new question concerns the adding of a Comment or a NamedElement such as a CallBehaviour for example in an active activity diagram through an emf transaction.

I would use the following skeleton for example:

// we suppose we have access to the serviceRegistry instance
TransactionalEditingDomain domain = ServiceUtils.getInstance().getTransactionalEditingDomain(serviceRegistry);
.getCommandStack().execute(new RecordingCommand(domain) {
public void doExecute() {
// do the changes here

I have downloaded your Papyrus source code. However I have no idea where to search an example for adding an Element in the active editor or some code that might help me?
I have grep "RecordingCommand" but I found a lot of occurences with some "@generated code" comments. Thus I decided to ask for some help.

How to deal with my need ?


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