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[] extract information from an activity diagram


I need to extract information from an activity diagram with the help of an eclipse plugin.
This activity diagram is mainly composed of call-behaviour actions. Each call-behaviour action points to an activity which have some inputs and some outputs.
By clicking on that item, I can get the NamedElement under the eclipse plugin. What I need is to get the activity which is pointed by the call behaviour action and on that activity, get the arguments name and the result name to process something.

I can see them under debug (in "behaviour" attribute) but I do not know how to get them by calling public functions. Is it related to EMF? If yes, how can we question the emf to get the sysml model of the selected element ?

Thanks for your help.

Alexandre HERISSE
Xcos developer
Scilab Enterprises
143bis rue Yves Le Coz - 78000 Versailles, France
Phone: + 

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