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[] A few SVN changes & documentation info



I’ve moved a few plug-ins on the SVN (From the Incoming folder to their final location):


org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.doc to plugins/infra <- Entry point for embedded documentation in Papyrus

org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.gmfdiag.css.doc to  plugins/doc <- Documentation for the CSS extra-component (Diagram Stylesheets) to plugins/infra/services <- Generic service to « Navigate » with Alt + Clic on some elements (In the ModelExplorer and Diagrams) to plugins/infra/services <- Service to retrieve and open the pages (Diagrams, Tables) representing an element

org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.navigation to plugins/uml <- Implementation of the Navigation service for UML. Currently, it implements the navigation to the Type of TypedElements (And return type of Operations)


I’ve also added a “plugins/doc” folder, which is included to the build, and can be used to add documentation plug-ins to the main Papyrus build. It should be used for documentation plug-ins, including extra-components documentation (e.g. CSS, CDO, and others). These documentations will be included to the main distribution (for all doc plugins), and should provide some installation steps (for extra-components doc plugins).


Related bugzillas:


399858: [Documentation] Papyrus shall have an embedded documentation


399882: [ModelExplorer] Papyrus shall enable navigation between typed model elements shown in views and the model explorer


402662: [Editor - Services] Papyrus shall provide a Service to open page(s) associated to an Element


402655: [Documentation] Diagram Stylesheets (CSS) documentation





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