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Re: [] Notes of the preccomitting meeting

Kenn Hussey a écrit :

Thanks, Patrick. A couple of observations about version numbers:


1.       By convention, the first version we usually use for components of MDT (and other modeling projects) is 0.7.0 instead of 0.1.0.


2.       If you expect the schema for DI files to change over the next few releases of Papyrus, I’d suggest using 0.7.0 in the URI instead of 1.0.0; also, to be more consistent with UML2, you may want the URI to be more like, but it’s up to you.

But we need to be clear that we will not assure any ascendant compatibilité until we reach /1.0.0/DI uri.


Note that nothing can be committed until the Eclipse legal team has conducted its preliminary legal review (as per the parallel IP process); so I assume you plan to attach a ZIP of the source to a contribution questionnaire (CQ) on November 14?

Sebastien has proposed to do this CQ and to send the zip.
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