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[] Bugs for wrong overloading (366229) and wrong overriding (367822) behavior

I would like to summarize the situation:

- Bug 366229 reports wrong overloading behavior, e.g. DIFFERENT method signatures for the same method(name+return type) overload, and then the most specialized signature must be chosen based on the STATIC type of the parameters.

- Bug 367822 reports wrong overriding behavior, e.g. the SAME method signature is overridden in a subtype, and then the implementation of the most specialized subclass implemenation must be chosen based on the DYNAMIC type of the this argument.

If I understood right (please confirm!) taking infos from various mail messages:

Bug 366229 Overloading/Static binding:
- Bug 366229 is confirmed to exist for both Stable/Old and Pivot/New implementation.
- Bug 366229 has a fix onlx of the Pivot/New implementation.
- For Eclipse 3.7.2 we do NOT fix 366229 for neither the Stable/Old and Pivot/New implementation because some Pivot tests fail

But 367822 Overriding/Dynamic binding:
- Bug 367822 does not exist for Pivot/New and is pending confirmation for the Stable/Old - Bug 367822 seems to be a duplcate of 339952. There seems to be no agreement on 339952. Is it a duplicate? - For Eclipse 3.7.2 we need to find out whether 367822could be fixed for the old implementation, in any case, it would not break Pivot tests, as 367822works for Pivot/New

Please update the information which is wrong.

Regards, Philipp

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