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[] Offer of GMF-T to help with their resources: what is the answer of the MDT OCL project?

GMF-T offered to help with the review of the IA and to promote it to the MDT OCL main component.

AFAIK the IA only works for the Stable/Old implementation, which is as well used in GMF-T currently. Thus while it will of course help in the future to extend the IA to the Pivot/New, it would currently improve the Stable/Old implementation.

Has the offer been accepted by the MDT OCL project? I have not seen a clear answer in this mailing list. I have seen prototypes of simply using the example component (thus code duplication!), and an own GMF-T IA implemenation, both of them working.

I assume, we all agree that using the IA from the MDT OCL project in GMF-T would be the ideal solution.

A clear answer to the offer of the GMF-T would be very good!

Regards, Philipp

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