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[] ImpactAnalyzer from MDT OCL examples - possible use in GMF-T


There was a recent discussion at the forum [1] regarding the OCL ImpactAnalyzer which is actually 
available as an example [2] for MDT OCL in Indigo. 

I would like to note that GMF Tooling team is actually considering the use of this 
component in the generated diagram editors. 
We see the following areas where the usage of the ImpactAnalyzer may be beneficial: 
  • Diagram labels defined by the OCL expressions 
    • an actual support for ExpressionLabel's lacks the automatic updates, which had 
      been many times requested already (e.g. [3]).
  • VisualEffect's 
    • the bindings of the graphical properties for the diagram element into the 
      OCL-defined function of corresponding semantic element (e.g., UML Class name
      rendered in italic font if the Class is abstract)
  • OCL defined audits and metrics 
All these scenarios require an external component that manages the incoming changes 
in the semantic model and updates the diagram editor automatically. We believe that 
ImpactAnalyzer may be a very suitable for our needs and would allow us to make visual 
editors configurable with OCL in a scalable way. 

Thus the GMF Tooling is very interested in the discussion about the promotion of the 
ImpactAnalyzer into the plugin inside the MDT OCL. In order to support this discussion, 
we would like to offer help with our resources to review the code for the impact analyzer, and comment on: 
  • bugs that should be fixed 
  • API that should be improved 
  • overall integration 
We are going to work on that during January in order to be in position to make a decision before Juno API freeze. 



Michael "Borlander" Golubev
Eclipse Committer (GMF, UML2Tools)
at Montages Think Tank, 
Prague, Czech Republic

Montages AG
Stampfenbachstr. 48, CH-8006 Zürich

tel:    +41 44 260 75 57
mob: +420 602 483 463

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