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Re: [] 'archive' branches

Hi Adolfo

I delete remote branches by pushing a delete ref just as you tried. Thereafter once the local remote tracking copies have also been deleted they do not reappear with a Fetch from Upstream.

I get NPEs quite often with EGIT. I've raised a Bugzilla. I think it's caused by EGIT abusing the platform change notifications so that EMF Compare amongst others wakes up and does something stupid.

Yes the Wiki needs updating, particularly with regards to merge, which must almost always be done from the command line because EGIT is quite useless.



On 16/12/2011 03:53, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:

After reading the long thread, I've concluced that I have to remove the finished branches.

For the local branch was easy:

- Right Click on the local bug/318090 -> Delete Branch :)

For the remote tracking repository, I was trying the following:

- Right click on the repository (Git Repositories View) -> Push... -> Next
- Add delete ref specification -> Select bug/318090 in the combo box -> Add spec
- Finish

Well, I get an exception (NPE) and nothing happens. How are you dealing with the remote tracking removal ?

BTW, the wiki is not updated WRT the archived branches.

El 31/08/2011 6:04, Ed Willink escribió:

I was trying to say that after I deleted the archive/348504 branch on the server, the branch was also gone for my local repository and hence I couldn't easily tell where the respective commits and the merge point were.
Before updating one of my local repos, I created a bug/348504 tag and pushed it upstream. Feel free to delete it if you don't like it.
Between the lines I was trying to say that I still find this branch deletion more of an obstacle than a help. I'll try to be more explicit the next time ;-)
No problem; long emails are boring and get skim read. Short emails are ambiguous.


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