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Re: [] Building branches on Hudson


As far as I had understood the idea was doing integration builds to verify correct execution of Junits prior to merge into the master ... a punctual task which I think we may coordinate. During the development of a bug resolution or various (of them) the usual task should be executing them in local, it should take less time, it shouldn't consume Eclipse server's resources ( I don't usually see this practice in Eclipse hudson server, although if it is available... I don't see inconveniences to use it) ... Similarly, as far as I'm able to, I try to tests releng stuff in local, even though knowing that the configuration in Eclipse servers (enviroment variables, servers sanity, etc) may change and vary the expected results.

Anyway, as far you are allowed feel free to clone jobs, as I commented you would still need to configure the job to use the proper branch/tag ...


El 15/07/2011 13:26, Axel Uhl escribió:
I don't follow... copying from a template would still require to
configure the new created job to use the desired branch... so why do we
need this job creation ?....

Because one or more people may work on more than one bug branch at one time, all of which may desire continuous build/test support.

Having a simple (unique) job designed to execute tests so that it were
configurable in somehow to use the desired branch/tag (via job parameter
or configuring the job it self) should suffice...

Unless more or us compete for the same job. Theoretically, you could have one job per committer. But then, if one committer works on different bugs simultaneously, the committer would have to change the job configuration each time a context switch happens. I'd still prefer the job per branch approach.

-- Axel
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