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Re: [] Building branches on Hudson


El 15/07/2011 10:30, Axel Uhl escribió:

I rather thought about one job per bug branch that we'd like to test. Creating and deleting jobs on Hudson is easy. Say "New Job," provide a name and select the job you'll set up in the "Copy From" field. Adjust branch spec for git checkout, done. Once done with testing (probably after the bug branch has successfully been merged) simply delete the job again.

The name for the job could be:


...and would be disabled because that would only be the copy template.

Any objection ?

I don't follow... copying from a template would still require to configure the new created job to use the desired branch... so why do we need this job creation ?....

Having a simple (unique) job designed to execute tests so that it were configurable in somehow to use the desired branch/tag (via job parameter or configuring the job it self) should suffice...

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