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Re: [] Building branches on Hudson


This sounds like a great idea... I could create a buckminster specific commands file designed for testing:

- no javadoc management
- no site construction nor zips pacaking
- no signing.
- only sources fetching + junits

Ideally, we could have a job parameter to specify the bug which we want to test. However, I'm not sure that the hudson job SCM configuation area will understand such a parameter. Otherwise, we would have to change that in the job configuration prior to do the build launch.... I'll open a new bugzilla for this.

The name for the job could be:


Any objection ?

Axel, how did you clone the bug ? via a bugzilla ? Otherwise,  I'll open a new bugzilla for the webmaster.

Best Regards,
El 14/07/2011 12:03, Axel Uhl escribió:
I would find it cool if we were able to easily clone a Hudson job to build a (bug-fixing) branch to see if anything breaks before merging into master. Cloning the master job is probably not what we want because it contains the finishing settings for copying artifacts and stuff that we wouldn't want for a bug-fixing branch build/test.

Comments, ideas?

-- Axel
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