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[] Textile and xdoc - was Re: Successful documentation build

Hi Adolfo

On 27/05/2011 21:24, Adolfo Sanchez Barbudo wrote:
I don't understand what "textile" is, yet ... I thought we were going to use the xtext stuff which I saw at ESE, and I was surprised to see mylyn in the middle...
For Indigo we've moved to use the Mylyn WikiText Textile tooling that Xtext used for Helios.

If I'd managed to access XText's GIT I'd have seen that they've moved on to xdoc, which at ESE was presented as the next thing.

Comparing xdoc with textile it appears similar but with a more disciplined markup.

I think moving to xdoc for Juno may be sensible, particularly if it avoids debugging the poor PDF production.

Xtext, like OCL, does last minute documentation, so I suspect that xdoc may be suddenly getting a late user test. Probably best not to be using it ourselves yet.

I'd like to see something that documents how to do the HTML

<code>@pre</code> .. in textile this is @@pre@ and the @'s mis pair.

<b>Class</b>es .. in textile this is *Class*es and the trailing * is ignored. Had to do *Class* es.

Set<T> in an Eclipse Help toc.xml title



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