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[] Ramp down to RC3

Hi Adolfo

It's a holiday in the UK today, so I can do more documentation today.

Too much of last week was spent on migration to Textile and tooling issues, so only a limited amount of new context has been added.

Last night I was trying to improve our Getting Started/New->Project/New Example appearance with an additional OCLinEcore Tutorial project that impatient users could just load and play with. It didn't appear to work. I'll investigate and hope to have an additional example project awaiting a late +1 from you or Axel.

I would like to ensure that for RC4 we only change *.textile or *.png or ocl-index.txt so that the risks are are low enough for approval by Kenn to be forthcoming.

So please keep an eye out for my New Project attachment to Bug 304642 and additional *.textile and *.png during the day.

I think that all the old content is there, slightly updated, mostly in the Programmers Guide section. This should ensure that readers of the documentation are not thrown straight into the Java API as if that was all there is to OCL. If you or Axel care to review the migration, you could commit the delete of the old content as each migrated content is reviewed.



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