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[] Successful documentation build

Hi Adolfo

Well done, the build works and the documentation is there.

I don't think the doc plugin needs ocl.pdf or the HTML help as well as Eclipse Help; only Eclipse Help is accessible to users. I'll trim them from I think they're only useful for interactive builds prior to a manual deplayment to the wiki or whatever. This also defers sorting out some PDF generation problems; table columns are all equi-width and so often look awful. With luck, Mylyn will fix this for us - a bit surprising that it doesn't work already. Even for HTML, I cannot make table borders work well.

Axel: I just downloaded the RC2 Modelling EPP (by adjusting the RC1 URL) and it works. Installed OCL examples. RoyalAndLoyal works. Installed latest OCL N-build. Saw the documentation. Installed Acceleo, QVTo, Papyrus, Xtext; again all without trouble.



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