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[] Moving to GIT

Hi Team

Axel: I think you volunteered to supervise the migration from CVS to GIT after the Indigo release.

Axel: Have you had a chance to consider what might need to be done?

I briefly tried to access the Xtext GIT repository without success (very brief, didn't read the guide).
But it did appear that I needed to set up multiple levels of redirection.

This might be good. Presumably I can set up my local repository on my network RAID redirecting to the Eclipse GIT. This could solve my laptop/tower workspace synchronisation difficulties.

Axel: How do we migrate CVS? or is GIT an upper level continuing to use CVS as its lower implementation?

Adolfo: How do the builds migrate; from cross-project-dev it seems Buckminister+GIT is exciting.

Adolfo: Does the maintenance build migrate?



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