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[m2e-users] m2e is confused about artifact versions

I recently upgraded to Eclipse 2021-12 (from 2021-09), which apparently has m2e 1.19.0.

I'm getting a very confusing compile error.  It's saying that it can't find a particular class referenced in an import. We recently upgraded the versions of several frameworks we use, including "spring-kafka", which is now specified in our parent pom as "2.5.3.RELEASE", and the "Dependency Hierarchy" view confirms this.

When I try to open the particular class that it says it can't find, I confirm that I find it in the maven artifact corresponding to that version.

However, when I expand the "Referenced Libraries" list in the package explorer, it shows version "2.1.7.RELEASE", which does not have the class in question.

I have done a "Maven Update" of this project, along with "Force Update of Snapshots/Releases", which had no apparent effect.

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