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[m2e-users] Where does m2e hide references to the Maven-archive?

I recently moved my Maven-repository to a different location (D:\m2repository, from the former C:\Users\<user>\.m2\repository).

Of course I changed that in my settings (both in the C:\Users\<user>\.m2\settings.xml file as well as in Eclipse’s Maven settings) and Updated the Maven projects multiple times, but for some stupid reason Eclipse builds still displays error messages like:


The container 'Project and External Dependencies' references non existing library 'C:\Users\<user>\.m2\repository\net\sf\dozer\dozer\5.5.1\dozer-5.5.1.jar'.


In the Projects Explorer under the virtual 'Project and External Dependencies' folder there is no library pointing to the old location listed.

If I go to the project’s properties -> Java Build Path -> libraries paths and expand the virtual 'Project and External Dependencies' folder, however, there are indeed tons of .jar file entries listed still pointing to the old path. Where are these coming from? I have searched my entire workspace for files containing the path ’C:\Users\<user>\.m2\repository’ and substrings there-of (down to ’repository’) and found nothing.

I have the suspicion that these are saved under “org.eclipse.buildship.core.gradleclasspathcontainer” but where does THAT come from? The is no such entry under the (E)Gradle-Preferences. And this also is a Maven-project, no Gradle anywhere. Where do these paths from the past possibly hide in Eclipse???


This is using v2019-03

BTW: when I build the project with Maven from the command line everything works dandy!


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