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[m2e-users] Some Maven Eclipse Questions

1. Noticed that even when I use the EMBEDDED maven inside m2e, it is
creating a new JVM - different from the JVM running Eclipse - for
maven install ( even for cleam ). Is this always the case ?
( Im trying to see if this happened because of some issues with my setup )

2.  I have a multip project. ( A maven pom.xml that has a bunch of
<module>s which in turn has a bunch of <module>s and so on ). I
Imported only the top level pom.xml into eclipse(  on which I do the
install.). Is there any way to automatically include all src/main/java
folders from all nested modules into Eclipse project's Source Folder
list ?

3. Is there any way to automatically include all dependencies ( jar
files ) to the project 's Library ? ( So that I can use source
completion/syntax checking etc. )

4. I already had a maven project outside Eclipse, which had many
levels of nested <modules> in its pom.xml files. I Imported only the
top level pom into Eclipse as 'Existing Maven Projects'. Is this the
right way to do this ? Im able to maven install from Eclipse.

Even partial answer will be much appreciated

Thank you

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