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Re: [m2e-users] Some Maven Eclipse Questions

If you are talking about a 'maven launch', not a workspace build, then it's the intended behavior of eclipse launch framework and it should stay that way. 
Otherwise you are risking stability of jvm running eclipse.

All projects might (and it usually is the case) have a different classpath due to differing dependency tree.
Due to this, compiling separate projects in cmdline build might fail while everything seems to be ok when all sources are used in a single eclipse project and vice-versa.

You will have to import all required modules as separate eclipse projects each with its own source folders and maven dependencies.
M2e does a good job of resolving workspace project dependencies, you don't need to 'mvn install' a m2e project for it to be used by another m2e project as a dependency.

2015-12-11 9:18 GMT+02:00 Sony Antony <sonyantony900@xxxxxxxxx>:
1. Noticed that even when I use the EMBEDDED maven inside m2e, it is
creating a new JVM - different from the JVM running Eclipse - for
maven install ( even for cleam ). Is this always the case ?
( Im trying to see if this happened because of some issues with my setup )

2.  I have a multip project. ( A maven pom.xml that has a bunch of
<module>s which in turn has a bunch of <module>s and so on ). I
Imported only the top level pom.xml into eclipse(  on which I do the
install.). Is there any way to automatically include all src/main/java
folders from all nested modules into Eclipse project's Source Folder
list ?

3. Is there any way to automatically include all dependencies ( jar
files ) to the project 's Library ? ( So that I can use source
completion/syntax checking etc. )

4. I already had a maven project outside Eclipse, which had many
levels of nested <modules> in its pom.xml files. I Imported only the
top level pom into Eclipse as 'Existing Maven Projects'. Is this the
right way to do this ? Im able to maven install from Eclipse.

Even partial answer will be much appreciated

Thank you

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