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Re: [m2e-users] Compatibility between indigo m2e and juno m2e

There are no known compatibility issues between m2e 1.0 and 1.1.

When a workspace that was originally created with one m2e version is
opened with another, m2e needs to "update" some internal structures, so
it creates the error markers. Once updated, however, everything is
expected to work as long as m2e version does not change. Everything is
expected to work if the workspace is initially created with m2e 1.1.


On 12-07-13 1:29 AM, Jean Couillaud wrote:
No no, I'm not expecting them to do that. I was just looking for a way
to continue working on the project with the team (and among other
things, updating and committing to the trunk) while*I* validate Juno.
I have to ensure that using Juno won't prevent us from doing anything we
are currently doing with indigo (For instance, we have to use svn1.6 for
now and if subclipse dropped support for 1.6, it would have prevented us
from migrating to juno).
You have to understand we are working with people who need pretty
serious garanties before doing any change to anything. Real lives are at

I've seen that using an existing indigo workspace with juno keeps the
toolbar laf as the indigo one. It does not seem to me it is a documented
I was merely wondering if there were some "hidden compatibility
features" like that in m2e, or something I would have overlooked like a
"soft compatibility" setting in m2e prefs.
Judging by your answers, there's no such thing, unless I misunderstood
you and I'll have to go with branches, separate workspaces, etc. A pain
I wish I could have avoided.


On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 9:19 PM, Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Do you expect your team members constantly go back and forth between m2e
    versions for the same workspace? The error marker is not expected to
    appear if the same workspace is used with the same m2e version, which I
    believe how most m2e users operate.


    On 12-07-12 12:26 PM, Jean Couillaud wrote:


        First, I'm sorry if this has already been discussed:
        I am trying to migrate from indigo to Juno. To do that, I have to
        validate Juno against our different projects. Among others, we
        have a
        200 projects, 2M Locs application in dev that I would like to
        work on
        with juno although the rest of the team still uses indigo.
        When I tried to open some of the projects with Juno, m2e
        complained and
        ordered me to update the project conf. I did it and went back to
        only to see that indigo complained the same and probably
        reverted juno's
        Is there a way to have part of the team use Juno and the other
        without m2e complaining ?

        Thx in advance;

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