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[m2e-users] new version of m2eclipse-tycho

I pushed version m2eclipse-tycho version to m2e
discovery earlier today.

The new version supports workspace dependency resolution from tycho/pde
projects to maven-bundle-plugin projects that "wrap" non-OSGi jars using
<Embed-Dependency> configuration. Wrapper bundle projects will be
represented as m2e projects in eclipse workspace, with embedded
dependencies resolved from remote maven repositories or eclipse
workspace. tycho/pde can use Import-Package or Require-Bundles to
defined dependencies on workspace wrapper bundle projects, and the
wrapper projects can be used in PDE launch configurations.

You can read mode about <Embed-Dependency> in [1] and overall
interoperability between manifest-first and pom-first projects in [2].

To take advantage of this new m2eclipse-tycho feature, Eclipse Juno M2+
and maven-bundle-plugin 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT are required. Workspace
dependency resolution of embedded dependencies requires bnd 1.44.0+
(neither binaries nor sources are publicly available yet, afaik, but the
required source changes can be pulled from [3]).



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