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[m2e-users] existing eclipse web project to maven

I have an existing eclipse web project with no maven pom or anything. I just installed maven and m2. I created a basic pom.xml. All I want to do is make my existing eclipse project 'mavenized' so I can build it outside of eclipse. I have literally about 50 jars in the WEB-INF lib and just want to import them as is into the pom. I also don't know how to make it build a war. I tried to do that Configure-Configure eclipse for maven or whatever the option was in m2 and it just hosed up my eclipse project (says something about a facet yet won't let me drill down).

How do I do this?
There is literally NO documentation. It all sends you to that eclipse encyclopedia page or whatever which just describes what m2 does and has a link to a troubleshooting FAQ. There is a video that shows how to import jetty. Ok. That's nice.
I am not a maven expert but I have worked with it a while ago and understand the jist. I have less than one day or I'm moving back to ANT.
Michael Lee

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