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Re: [m2e-users] What is the Deployed Resources "directory" in m2e-wtp

I finally figured out what the guy who wrote
was talking about.

You simply import these files from the classpath, they are already in the dependent jars, so no worries.

Unfortunately, I still can't get this thing to work using m2e or doing it as the author says, using the tomcat maven plugin, for different reasons.

Oh well.

"Creating a Web Service with Spring and CXF in Ten Minutes".

Sure, if you have your whole system already set up like I do.


On 09/14/2011 07:39 AM, Steve Cohen wrote:


Thanks for this explanation!

I was only putting the cxf files there because I was following the lead
of the example I talked about in an earlier thread. They could just as
easily go somewhere else. Probably the author of that example was not
using maven.

Still, I needed to understand what m2e-wtp was doing, and this helps.

On 09/14/2011 03:30 AM, Fred Bricon wrote:
The "Deployed Resource" pseudo directory lists the folders that will be
deployed at the root of your application.
You generally have 2 directories visible under this node :
- src/main/webapp (or the folder defined as warsourcedirectory under your
maven-war-plugin-configuration), which contains regular, SCM managed web
- target/m2e-wtp/web-resources which contains automatically generated
resources, and is usually kept out of source control. By default it
contain META-INF/MANIFEST.MF as well as the META-INF/maven folder.
target/m2e-wtp/web-resources is also used when web resource filtering is
enabled. For instance, if you filter your web.xml sitting under
src/main/webapp, the filtered version, that will be deployed on the
will stand under target/m2e-wtp/web-resources/WEB-INF/web.xml. The
of target/m2e-wtp/web-resources takes precendence over src/main/webapp
it comes to deployment.

The only reason I see why you'd have a cxf.xml file under
web-resources/META-INF/cxf/ is it's automatically generated by a cxf
somewhere under target/ and this location is then declared, somehow, as a
<resource> under<webResources> inside your maven-war-plugin
If you could show me your pom.xml or point me at the archetype you
used to
create your app, I might be able to have a better understanding of your


Fred Bricon

PS : Here's a few links wrt to the latest developments of m2e-wtp :




2011/9/14 Steve Cohen<scohen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I create a webapp from an archtype using m2e and it gives me one of
pseudo-directories called "Deployed Resources". This is similar to
the way
Eclipse "source folders" are "mirrored" in the "real" directory
under src/main/java etc.

But I began to wonder where this Deployed Resources directory is and
I find
that it is "really" under target!

That is
Deployed Resources/web-resources/META-**INF/cxf/cxf.xml is REALLY
target/m2e-wtp/web-resources/**META-INF/cxf/cxf.xml, etc.

So my question is where is the SOURCE directory for this file? Surely
under target? If I want to version control files such as this, where
I put them?

Can someone explain to me the thinking behind this confusing setup
and how
to work with it?

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