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Re: [m2e-users] Cannot create the wsdl by using plugin wsgen

True, but I meant that when there are two plugins P1 and P2 that need dependency D, and P1 is embedding dependency D and exporting it's packages, then P2 can depend on P1.
On the other hand if the user wishes to use only plugin P2 and does not need plugin P1, he needs to install the latter anyway. Had D been packaged as an OSGi bundle, both P1 can P2 depend on that bundle and not on one another.


On 09/14/2011 03:39 PM, Matthew Piggott wrote:
Actually, packages can be exported from nested jars in the bundle's manifest.  For example org.eclipse.m2e.maven.runtime embeds maven and aether which are available to other bundles.


2011/9/13 Rafał Krzewski <Rafal.Krzewski@xxxxxxxxx>
Indeed, stuffing a jar into the plugin bundle is probably the easiest approach, but it has an obvious deficiency - you cannot share a dependency jar packaged this way among different plugins.

Last time I looked, tycho did not provide generic OSGi bundle packaging, but wait! Tycho is not the only tool in Maven world for OSGi development. Look here: This plugin can build an arbitrary bundle out of the classes on a project's classpath. After building the bundle you'd need to publish it in a P2 repository and add it to your connector project's target platform, so that Tycho could use it for building your plugin. If you think this is awfully complex compared to what we do everyday with Maven, I totally agree :) If you just need to use one jar in one plugin, stuff it inside and be done with it.


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