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Re: [m2e-users] m2e and m2eclipse versions

There were too many changes in 1.0 to mention them all, but the big ones are

* fundamental changes to how m2e maps maven project configuration to
  eclipse workspace, see [1] for more details.
* semi-automatic discovery and installation of m2e extensions, so
  m2e-wtp can be installed when the user imports a war project, for
* major cleanup and improvements to the pom editor
* significant performance and stability improvenents



On 11-09-14 5:39 AM, Krämer, Michael wrote:
Hi together,

is there any comprehensive list of the available versions of maven eclipse integration and, in the best of all worlds, an aggregated changelog?

I'm using 0.12.1 from Sonatype in combination with m2e-wtp 0.11.1 and I consider an upgrade. And I like to get an impression about what has changed since then.

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