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Re: [m2e-users] Plugin execution not coveredby lifecycleconfiguration

It is important to understand that many maven plugins really do need a
project configurator, i.e. some java code that integrates maven plugin
behaviour in Eclipse workspace. For example, none of "mojo" enhancement
requests we received so far [1] can be supported by neither <ignore/>
nor <execute/> mapping, so improving ways to stores these mappings seems
like a wrong problem to solve.

Few other comments.

Proprietary plugins. I probably emphasize m2e marketplace catalog little
too much. Even though the catalog provides convenient way to discover
and install m2e extensions, it is not required. Proprietary plugins can
be supported by m2e extensions available from an update sites only
visible on company's intranet or come as part of a custom eclipse
distro, for example.

Legacy plugins. Regardless if maven plugin is in active development or
not, it is still necessary to understand what is the proper way to
integrate the plugin in eclipse workspace and implement it.

Combination of maven plugins. I believe each maven plugin will require
single mapping and the mapping will work for many/all versions of the
plugin. So even though there is indeed significant initial investment to
develop mappings for various maven plugins, I do not expect significant
ongoing maintenance.



On 11-06-27 3:06 PM, Moser, Christian wrote:
But what about self made plugins, or plugins which are not supported
anymore but still needed in an "legacy environment"? If it's a must
to develop connectors for every available plugin and there are a lot
of different combinations out there, m2e will get a high-maintenance
part of eclipse, which will never run out of the box. In my view, the
current situation is a stop-gap solution.

Regards, Chris

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Betreff: Re: [m2e-users] Plugin execution not coveredby

I think the only long term solution is to populate m2e marketplace
catalog with lifecycle mapping configuration for various maven
plugins. Everything else is a stop-gap solution that does not really
solve much.

-- Regards, Igor

On 11-06-27 1:52 PM, wrote:
Hum...well that would be a downside, but I'm not convinced that
placing all this eclipse-specific stuff in the POM is the way to
go.  I'd prefer to have common configuration in the preferences,
and the ability to override on a project-specific basis, like a lot
of the other project settings.  If that isn't possible, I'd still
prefer to replicate the config in each project's settings than
pollute my poms with IDE noise.

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[m2e-users] Plugin execution not covered by lifecycleconfiguration

Lifecycle mapping configuration stored outside of pom.xml will not
be inherited from parent to child modules. For typical multimodule
project this means the same config has to be replicated for every

-- Regards, Igor

On 11-06-27 1:45 PM, wrote:
Just a quick q...why can this not be stored in the eclipse
project settings rather than in the POM? It seems to me that it
doesn't really

belong in the POM.

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