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Re: [m2e-users] Plugin execution not covered by lifecycleconfiguration

I think the only long term solution is to populate m2e marketplace
catalog with lifecycle mapping configuration for various maven plugins.
Everything else is a stop-gap solution that does not really solve much.


On 11-06-27 1:52 PM, wrote:
Hum...well that would be a downside, but I'm not convinced that placing
all this eclipse-specific stuff in the POM is the way to go.  I'd prefer
to have common configuration in the preferences, and the ability to
override on a project-specific basis, like a lot of the other project
settings.  If that isn't possible, I'd still prefer to replicate the
config in each project's settings than pollute my poms with IDE noise.

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Lifecycle mapping configuration stored outside of pom.xml will not be
inherited from parent to child modules. For typical multimodule project
this means the same config has to be replicated for every module.


On 11-06-27 1:45 PM, wrote:
Just a quick q...why can this not be stored in the eclipse project
settings rather than in the POM? It seems to me that it doesn't really

belong in the POM.

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