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Re: [m2e-users] global settings.xml file

What m2e versions are we talking about, 0.12.1 vs 1.0.0 or some other?

Did workspace dependency resolution and build behave differently now or
the behaviour changed for RunAs->Maven?


On 11-06-16 3:54 PM, Paul French wrote:
It does,

...but this did not happen with previous versions of m2e using embedded
3.0.2 maven. When we added 3.0.3 as an external runtime the global
settings file of this installation was merged into the project poms in
the workspace. This does not appear to be happening now. I've had to
merge the global settings into my user settings file.

On 16/06/2011 12:50, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
Generally, m2e only uses external maven runtimes for RunAs->Maven and
global settings.xml is expected to work in this case. m2e always uses
embedded runtime for dependency resolution and when running eclipse
build inside workspace. Does this explain the behaviour you see?


On 11-06-16 2:31 PM, Paul French wrote:
Using latest m2e release I have added an external maven 3.0.3

The global settings.xml in this external installation is now being
ignored. Is this deliberate?


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