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Re: [m2e-users] Version ranges, resolving workspace projects

m2e is expected to resolve dependencies as if both A and B were part of
maven 3.0.2 reactor build on command line. If you see it behave
differently, please open new bugreport in m2e bugzilla but make sure to
attach complete standalone sample project and provide steps to reproduce
the problem.


On 11-06-16 2:46 PM, Paul French wrote:
When using maven 3.0.3 in M2E version ranges works to some extent and is
sufficient for our needs.

However how it resolves snapshots when taking into account projects in
your workspace I think could be better.

For some reason in Maven 3 you cannot setup non-unique snapshots.
Snapshots installed/deployed always have a timestamp attached to the
artifact name regardless if you specify in distribution management that
the snapshot repo should create <uniqeVersion>false</uniqueVersion>


I have a project "A" in my workspace at version 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

I have another project "B" in my workspace that depends on project "A"

M2E correctly gives me project "A" as a dependency for project "B"

However, if I install/deploy project "A" then M2E will always give me
the timestamped version of project "A" as a dependency for project "B".

I believe it should continue to give you the SNAPSHOT version from your
workspace, since if I make code changes to project "A" I have to keep
installing it so project "B" picks up the latest.

Your thoughts anyone?

Paul French
Kirona Solutions Ltd
Tel: 07803 122 058
E-Mail: paul.french@xxxxxxxxxx
Web: <>

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